Dentist - Dr Moataz Elgammal

Dr Taz (Moataz Elgammal)

Dr Taz is one of our Senior Dental Surgeons, he has an extensive experience in all aspects of dentistry. With 14 years of private and public service positions, he practiced around South Australia at major dental centres in Adelaide and rural regions.
He has also been teaching and tutoring young dental students at Adelaide University. His students knows him to be passionate about the professional conduct and fine touches that makes the job flawless.
His genuine interest in cosmetics and Digital Dentistry made him long relationships with his patients and staff at his current practice in Norwood. He has particular interest and talent in Smile Designs and cosmetic Veneers and ceramic restorations.
Taz always believes in prevention as an integral part of his ongoing dental care. Giving priority of the patient needs and expectations combined with thorough communication and excellence are his foundations in delivering beyond just good dental experience.
He regularly attends many up to date trainings and courses on advanced dental technology so he always provides latest lines of treatments using cutting edge technology and equipment which he loves as his big boy toys.
As family man, father of two little handsome boys, he spends much time with his family. He spends his spare time playing Tennis and cheering for his favourite soccer team