Teeth Whitening for Spring

We all want a nice white smile and, luckily, modern teeth whitening solutions make all the difference. Balaklava Prime Dental is happy to offer both in-chair and at home whitening so you can achieve a bright, beautiful smile that makes you feel good.

Learn more about Phillips Zoom Whitening and how it can brighten your smile this spring.

Innovative Phillips Zoom Whitening

We offer Phillips Zoom teeth whitening to enhance your smile. As a safe cosmetic procedure that’s proven effective, teeth whitening helps to lighten teeth by removing stains and discolouration. We’re all about flexibility, which is why you can choose from chair side or take-home professional teeth whitening treatments. Either way, your dentist can tailor your teeth whitening treatment to suit your smile.

Whether you have a special occasion or simply want to reduce discoloration and stains, the Philips Zoom Whitening system can give you that whiter and brighter smile with minimal sensitivity.

What is Zoom Whitening?

Philips Zoom! Blue LED light-accelerated technology and hydrogen peroxide gel whitens rapidly while amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) delivers enamel protection, improves lustre, and reduces sensitivity.

With Zoom Whitening, you can get:

• Up to eight shades whiter in just 45 minutes*

• Post-treatment gel to protect sensitive teeth

• Customised to your needs

Zoom Whitespeed In-Chair Whitening

Our experienced dentists use Phillips Zoom Whitespeed to give smiles a big bright boost. This in-chair whitening system provides clinically proven results of up to 8 shades whiter teeth in as little as an hour with minimal sensitivity. Patients should expect some mild sensitivity for 1-3 days after the whitening procedure. The Zoom in-chair whitening system comes with a take-home maintenance kit to keep teeth whiter for longer.

Zoom Take-Home Teeth Whitening

The Philips Zoom take-home whitening system is a convenient and safe way to get a whiter and brighter smile in the comfort of your own home, with little to no sensitivity. Our dentists make custom at home whitening trays to fit around your teeth and gums. This gives you safe and effective results just by wearing the tray for 30-60 minutes, once or twice a day for two weeks. The at home whitening system uses a unique blend of ingredients to protect the enamel and minimise sensitivity.

At Home Whitening Solutions

Balaklava Prime Dental is here to help with all your dental needs, including Phillips Zoom Whitening. Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services and contact us today to book an appointment.