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For years, dental services have been evolving and improving. As of Today, we believe that dentistry is nothing like 10 years ago….it is more affordable, more satisfying and way more friendly. And this is what we are interested in proving every day to our patients.

Redefining Country Dentistry

Our Message

Countryside is not and should not be treated as a medically disadvantaged area that should accept whatever is available for it. From this deep belief, we built Balaklava Prime Dental, which is second to none in the heart of a big city. World Class cutting edge technology is combined with long experience to provide safe and satisfying outcomes to simple and complex cases with no need to travel at all.

Our Core Values

Customer Service

People are at the heart of everything we do and we take the time to care for our employees, clients and communities.


Offering explanations, understanding and being upfront with dental care is essential to us.


Nurturing positive relationships with patients at all stages of life.

Learning and Development

We are constantly developing our skills and promote team member growth.


We communicate and achieve our goals together.

Balaklava Dental Team

Our Services

General Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

Beyond Teeth

Feeling unsure about visiting the dentist?

Kapunda Dental Clinic
Kapunda Dental Clinic

We understand these days we all lead busy lives. Finding time to visit is often hard and sometimes we are hesitant coming into a dental environment. At Balaklava Prime Dental, your dental experience and comfort are our biggest priority. This is why we provide numerous options to make you comfortable such as weighted blankets, noise cancelling headphones, IV sedation, your choice of music and flat screen TV during treatment. You may even notice some locally sourced diffuser oils to keep you calm and relaxed.

We welcome families to come and explore our play area, as well as brush our resident Dragon Alice’s teeth, they are always in need of a clean. We offer a change table, are breast feeding friendly and offer comfortable areas for families big and small.

Kapunda Dental Clinic
Kapunda Dental Clinic

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